We are a digital agency from India. Our focus lies on clean design, aesthetics and usability, across all digital platforms.

Soch believes that good design must be a priority for every digital agency. Well designed mobile and web interfaces are not only visually appealing, but they also increase user traffic and brand value.

  • Effcient Design constitues creating a highly usable interface, which minimizes user confusion and enhances user navigation throughout the web page

  • We love Animations! and so does the user. In order to magnify user browsing experience. Use of scroll effects & delightful animations coupled with good typography is highly reccommended.

  • A Unique design is one, which is driven by a definite concept, tells an original story and stands out from the plethora of websites and apps. A user will only remember a website or an app, if it tells a convincing story.

  • A design is only as good as its viewing device. Responsive design ensures, that your designs are scaled as per the viewing device be it a tablet, phone or a laptop. Looking great regardless of the screen size.

We maybe engineers by profession, but we are innovators by passion. As innovators we believe in not only pairing good design with the latest in tech, but also in building original platforms that connect with the user and leave an impact.

At Soch every project is a priority, and every client concern is our concern. Our aim is to build platforms that impress and inspire.

We love staying ahead of the technology curb. We have chosen to develop our own web platforms built on top of cutting edge frameworks such as React (developed at Facebook Inc.), NodeJS (Used by Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM), Express and several others.

The Soch Team comprises of full-stack developers & designers, that specialize in building some amazing stuff on web and mobile platforms. All our Services (Web and/or App) come with Hosting, Maintenance and Analytics packages for maximum convenience and worry–free online presence.

    Built from scratch. No Bootstrap, no Wordpress.
  • Websites & Webapps
  • API Development
  • Landing Pages
  • eCommerce Portals
  • Content Management Systems
    Built on Native and Hybrid platforms. Big on performance, even better on interactivity.
  • iOS & Android apps
  • API Development
  • Built on Android, Swift, Electron and Cordova
    Something rather underappreciated in India, but we're here to change that !
  • UI/UX Design for Web & Apps
  • Brand Identity / Logo Design
  • Social Media Creatives

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